Dr George Landis of Landis Plastic Surgery in Plymouth Minnesota
Did my Reconstruction after my Invasive breast Cancer Diagnosis in the Spring of 2008

I had a Bilateral Mastectomy & Expanders Placed.
I was in A lot of Pain For the 1st 2 months after.
My Pain Lessoned But Never went away over the next Four Months
One Week After My Bilateral Mastectomy Dr Landis Asked me If I wanted to Remove My Expanders-
Quit & Skip the reconstruction...Or Maybe try it at a later date.
No, I Certainly Did Not.
I was/am not a quitter.
I had Planned on Reconstruction as part of my Treatment.

I had my Exchange to Saline Implants 4 months later.
Dr Landis told Me Saline Implants don't feel as real.
But that They Look Just as Good In Clothes as Silicone.
I was never told Saline Implants Are Almost As Hard As The Expanders.
My Implants Are Rock Hard.
Though That is Not My Main Problem

I Also Was Left With a Uniboob (Symmastia).
I look Disgusting!
I Can Not Wear a Low Cut Top. I Have No Cleavage.
I have One Boob That Goes across My Chest.
I Have Pain 24/7.

My Implants Also Do Not Go To The Sides Of My Chest!
It Shows In Clothing That They Are Way To Narrow For My Chest.
My Self Esteem Is Gone.
Something Dr Landis Feels Is Not Important, He Said I Have Body Dismorphic Disorder

At My 2 Week Post Op Check Up.
I Told Dr Landis How Unhappy I Was & That I Could Not Live With this Look.
He Said There Was Nothing He Could Do To Fix This.
He Said I Didn't Ever Have To See Him Again.
He Shook My Hand And Wished me Good Luck!
Here I Was Left Without a Plastic Surgeon.
What If I Had Developed an Infection? It Can Easily Happen After 2 Weeks

Here Is My Picture.

Would You Want to Live Like This?
This Is What I See Every Day!
Even When I Am Not Seeing It.
I Know It Is There Because Of My Constant Pain.

Why Did I Publish This Web page?
In Hopes That Other Women Can Avoid Going Through This.
I Am Devasted With My Reconstruction.
I Feel Deformed.
I Am Deformed!
Be Very Careful When Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon,
Mine Came Highly Recommended.